About Betty

The Dance ConcernBetty Cates is an Arthur Murray trained dance instructor in Bronze, Silver and Gold Standard. She worked a number of years there and then branched out and opened her own dance studio in Chatsworth, CA.

Betty has won awards as the top teacher of California and also for west coast swing dancing and salsa dancing. She also teaches dance part time at Pierce College in Winnetka, CA.

Here’s a review from yelp.com. Please visit Betty’s Testimonials page to read more!

“Ok, so next on my list of things to learn is social dancing. I had done a little bit back in the 80s and loved it. I attended a class recently where the participants and instructor were very patient and kind with my lack of coordination, but truly it was not a Beginner Class. I was fortunate to be searching the web for places near West Hills, or Tarzana, close to where I live when I saw Betty Cates’ name online.

I called Betty, found out where her studio is located, and she called me back right away. The initial conversation we had began her assessment of what I wanted/needed, what I needed to do, and she scheduled me for my first private lesson.

So today I had my first lesson with this amazing teacher. You get a little of the teaching about body mechanics, the foot positions, the importance of holding the hand correctly (so as to avoid turning and pulling your arm) and what the beats of the music mean to the different steps.

Betty gave me concentrated information from the moment I stepped into her studio on Devonshire. She teaches the men the mens’ steps and the women the womens’ steps. Not sure how she keeps that all straight.

I enjoyed the confidence I gained even within the first 15 minutes. I can now execute a turn in the fox trot and the rhumba. To be able to learn so much, lose the initial fear I had about going into a group where everyone else was so far ahead, and to be learning from such a pro is wonderful.

She teaches adults and has other instructors for children. I recommend Betty and cannot wait until next week’s lesson.

Betty teaches at Pierce College as well. You get a great studio, a group class, and either Smooth American with American Rhythm dances and then there is another class the same evening for the same price, on Latin dances. Betty is so knowledgeable and attends to everyone in the class with an eagle eye so as to correct us, gently and with a smile. I have enjoyed both of these classes recently and I know there are students who are signing up with Betty to continue the great influence on the dancing already learned.

Already I am talking to those who might be watching for a wedding in the family or a couple wishing to choreograph their wedding dances. How can this studio not be on Yelp yet?
Well that has now been fixed. Betty, you just rock.”